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~ is a 3-D, 4 person brawler game in 3rd person perspective where a player controls a paramedic who uses grab mechanics and a pair of defibrillator paddles to fight enemies and keep the patient alive.

Say what?

In a world of highly competitive and highly privatized medical care, an accident has occurred and several ambulance teams have all arrived at the scene. Play as a paramedic and use your paddles and the environment around you to fight your foes and secure the patient for your hospital.

Let's Meet 'Em

First, there's a patient:

Then, there's you:

Play as one of four mighty paramedics:


Wanna Play?

I thought you might. Grab a controller or keyboard and 0 - 3 friends, and dive in! Here's some controls to get you started.

PARAMEDICS was created by Team Crash Cart of the University of Central Florida.



Paramedics_RTM.zip 44 MB
Paramedics_RTM.app.zip 48 MB

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